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Magnatech Pipe & Tube Welding Equipment - Salem

We represent several pipe fabrication manufacturers and companies - we sell, service and provide training on equipment.

Orbital Welding Machines - Salem

Magnatech Cutting and Welding Equipment Salem

Magnatech equipment can improve productivity and reduce repair rates. You save time and money when welding becomes more consistent.
Weld Heads: E-Head Model 441, EZ Orbital System, 1000 Series WH, WH 424/425/430
Power Supply: EZ Orbital 517, 515 Pipemaster, 516 Pipemaster

Weld Heads

Magnatech manufactures several Weld Heads for tube-to-tube and tube-to-fitting welds. This is world-class equipment manufactured for industrial use around the world.
- 800 Series GTAW (FUSION)
- M500 Mini Weld Head
- Magnatech Redhead

800 Series GTAW (FUSION)
Magnatech 800 Series GTAW (FUSION) The Magnatech 800 Series Heads - tube-to-tube and tube-to-fitting welds in less time with added precision and repeatable joints.
The 800 Series has a double-clamping design which makes fit-up faster.

M500 Mini Weld Head

The Magnatech M500 Mini Weld Head has an ultra-low profile and is designed for precision welding of fittings and components with minimal straight extensions as short as 6.35mm (0.25").

The M500 is ideal for restricted clearance micro-fitting welding applications.

The Magnatech Redhead
Magnatech Redhead Orbital Weld Head The Redhead welding head has three models for pipe sizes OD (0.5" - 6.625").
These weld heads can be used for fusion welding applications. Magnatech Redheads clamp only on one side of the weld joint for pipe-to-fitting welds. These weld heads improve productivity and produce more consistent weld quality.

Power Supply Units

Tubemaster 514E

The Magnatech 514E brings the benefits of true digital technology to the orbital welding customer. Digital monitor controls gives you unparalleled accuracy, repeatability, and reliability - this eliminates the need for periodic weld head calibration. Weld parameters are actively monitored.

EZ Orbital 517A
Magnatech EZ Orbital 517A Power Supply The EZ 517A Orbital Power Supply for Fusion Welding of tube. This tube weldng controller integrates the operation of a standard commercial GTAW power source with the weld head. The 517A operates all size models of the 800 series weld heads, with overlapping tube diameter ranges of 3-168mm (0.125-6.625"). This power supply is affordable, easy to operate with a tough and durable design.

Power Supply Brochures


The MPS4000 for GMAW/FCAW process welding.
Magnatech MPS4000 inverter power source for GMAW/FCAW - Salem The MPS4000 digital inverter power source for GMAW/FCAW process welding applications. This power supply provides synergic control of electrode speed and power output. The wire feeder is used with the Push-Pull (WFPP) and Wire Feed on Floor (WFOF) weld heads. The Wire Feed on Head (WFOH) model is perfect when the power source cannot be positioned close to the weld.

Orbital Welding - Oregon-Washington
Orbital Pipe Welding Equipment Salem
Orbital Pipe Welding Equipment Salem
Orbital Pipe Welding Equipment Salem
Orbital Pipe Welding Equipment Salem
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Pipe Welding Equipment Salem OR
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Orbital Pipe Welding Equipment Salem
Orbital Pipe Welding Equipment Salem
Orbital Pipe Welding Equipment Salem
Orbital Pipe Welding Equipment Salem
Orbital Pipe Welding Equipment Salem
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