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T+C Pipe Cutting and Facing Machines

T+C Tools 63RE Facing Machine

The FM-63-RE has a facing capacity of 1/8" to 2.5". This power facing machine is a robust tool and will produce clean, burr-free tube ends.
T+C Tools FM-114 Facing Machine

The FM-114 tube facing tool can be used on stainless steel, carbon steel, titanium, and most nickel-based alloys. This is a robust facing tool that will produce smooth, burr-free finishes to tubes.
T+C Tools Cutting and Facing Machines
T+C Tools Facing Machines Brochure
Download the T+C Facing
Tool Brochure

T+C Tools 25R Battery Powered Facing Machine The FM-25-R facing tool is a battery operated unit,
but can also be used with a power cord.
This tool has a range from 1/8" to 1.0" tube applications
for a quick, clean tube prep.

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