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About Pacific Automated Welding Solutions

We are an industrial pipe fabrication company. We represent several pipe fabrication manufacturers and companies - we sell, service and provide training on equipment.

Training programs:
1. Weld process
2. Welding Operation
3. Arc Machines, Inc. (AMI) and Magnatech Maintenance and Calibration
4. Engineering Support
  - Upgrades
  - Welding Process implementation
  - Quality Process programs

Engineering Services:
1. Welding-Automation System Upgrades
2. Welding- Automation System Replacement
3. Torch designs
4. Work-cell development or upgrades

Equipment Support Services:
1. Repair parts
2. AMI replacement parts (limited)
3. In-house repair services
4. On Site repair services

Process and Operation Training

Weld Operation training is a critical aspect of implementing procedures, techniques, and processes. Pacific Automated Welding can develop specific welding processes in house at our facility or on site at the client's location. A complete welding program typically includes operator instruction that includes procedural outlines and production controls in addition to hands-on training that is required to successfully apply the procedures into production. Each new or revised program is tailored to meet specific client requirements, improve quality, and reduce rejections through consistent application of proven procedures, MOSs and tooling. Utilization of 5S techniques will be done throughout this process along with expertise in Arc Machines, Inc. and Magnatech welding systems.

Maintenance Training

Pacific Automated Welding can develop specific welding equipment maintenance programs on site at the client's location. A complete maintenance program typically includes hands on maintenance staff instruction that includes manuals, training guides and illustrated break downs and electrical drawings when possible or applicable.

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