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AXXAIR Pipe & Tube Welding Equipment

Orbital Cutting and Beveling

We sell AXXAIR equipment from the CC80 to the CC1100. The most popular is the CC171:

Axxair pipe cutting equipment:
•  Stainless Steel Clamping Jaws
•  Hand Wheel Rotation (CC120 up)
•  Dual Position Blade Mount
•  Pneumatic or Electric Motor

Axxair Cutting and Beveling Equipment
Axxair CC-170 Cutting and Beveling

The GA10 Beveling Motor can be attached to each Axxair pipe cutter - you can cut and bevel with the same saw.

These motors come in high speed and low speed.

Axxair GA10 Beveling Motor
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Other AXXAIR Equipment:

Axxair CC-81 Tube Cutting and Beveling Axxair DC-221 Pipe Cutting and Beveling Axxair CC-1100 Pipe Cutting and Beveling Axxair Pipe Cutting and Beveling Workbench

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